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Privacy Policy

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The Privacy policy will be modified by us without any prior notice at any time.

Personal information:

  1.  To become a member of our site or to register in the site whether it is permanent or temporary, all the customers have to provide their contact details and demographic details.
  2. Contact details include name, email, mobile number etc.
  3. Demographic details include age, occupation, level of income etc.
  4. To provide the services offered by Digital marketing the contact details of customer is been collected.
  5. The customer who are willing to participate in the add campaign by the website, those customer contact details are been published by the website. We would not have control of who views the website.
  6. If necessary customers might be contacted to the details provided.
  7. Customers financial information also be collected such as account numbers or credit card numbers for billing purpose for the services chosen by them.
  8. We conduct online surveys and may ask the customers for their contact information.
  9. We update customers about our services and we use information of customers for accounting and transaction purposes.
  10. Digital marketing uses third party websites which serve ads when you view our website. The third party companies may use information about your online visits. They don’t use your name, address, email id or telephone number.
  11. We may use your personal information by disclosing, for publishing ads in online or in print also to the third party service providers.
  12. It’s our right to disclose your personal information to the Law enforcement authorities for investigations against fraud or any other offense.
  13. For legal, financial and advisory boards we may disclose your personal information.


  1. By entering your phone number in our website Digital marketing, you will agree to receive SMS from the visitors and other customers through the website.
  2. We will not misuse the information provided by you, except as mentioned above and with the consent of the individual or permitted by law.

Cookies and IP addresses:

  1. To certify your membership our website may track your IP address .
  2. Cookies are used to save your password for avoiding the process of re-entering the credentials. Hence you need not re-enter it each and every time.
  3. Our website has the option to log out whenever you are using an insecure and shared system.


  1. Our website has links to other websites too, for informing buyers and sellers about general things of property that is been sold.

Opt out:

  1. Our website has the option to opt out without receiving any communication and erase your information from our website unconditionally.

For opting out you can contact is at any time while visiting our website.