Digital Glass Printer Contractors in Hyderabad

Digital Glass Printer Contractors in Hyderabad

light diffusion and transmission and adjust other features too.
There was a client who got digital printing done on 8 pieces of 8’x 5’ huge glass. The client had sent the file through e-mail which was of low resolution. For such big order sampling was done which got approved too by the client. But truly since the file was of low resolution, the design printed appeared to be blurred. But since the sample was approved, we went ahead with the printing work. The glasses were then transported at clients place. After having a look at these printed glass, client wanted to re-do the printing with much better and clearer images. Now here truly,

Costing of Digital Printing on Glass

Well digital printing on glass is not an expensive affair. Let’s say you want to print on for a 6mm glass. The 6mm glass will roughly cost around 60/- or 70/- sq. ft. The size of glass to be printed is 3’x2′ which is around 6sq.ft. Therefore the glass will cost around 400/- in which printing will be done that is an additional cost. The printing cost will differ with type of printing done.

Rectifying Digital Printing on Glass

Very rarely one will have printing mistake. But many a times client return back complaining for color dislikes. With digital printing on glass, there’s an advantage. For any printing mistake or color change or any other changes can easily be done through cleaning process. But this is possible and logical for digital printing for small size glasses only. Incase of changes in bigger size glass like for wardrobe shutters or doors, it’s difficult to have cleaning or any changes done after printing job is completed. For big size glasses, its better to have digital printing done on another piece.

Digital Glass Printer Contractors in Hyderabad

For cleaning a digital printed glass, a solution is applied. Then a thinner is used to clean the color or print. For cleaning a printed glass above mentioned solutions plus labor charges are applied, which comes to around 300/- to 400/- per piece. The cost of cleaning turns out to be the same cost as of glass. Also while cleaning, there’s a risk of surface getting damaged. Therefore, especially for bigger size glass, its is advisable to get a new one printed rather than getting into cleaning process headache.

Hyderabad in Digital Glass Printer Contractors 

it’s not logical for client who stays out station to courier it back to me since there is travelling cost involved. To add to it, cleaning such huge printed glass will take 3-4 months’ time. Since cleaning is manual work, there’s labor cost too involved. If you sum up the transportation work and labor work and other costs involved, the glass will turn out to be more than double the price than having new printed glass. Therefore we, suggested the client to have a new glass printed and sent on site. For small size custom printing, where cleaning or changes is required, we can easily do. The client too can bear the cost because it will be very minimal as compared to huge 8’x5’ glass.

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